4-Week Group Coaching Program (1)

Your groups are falling apart because you're not selling them!

  • You’re tired of group leaders that expect something for free without doing any work
  • You’re tired of getting ghosted when it’s time to put that deposit down
  • You’re tired of answering a million questions to the same few people that don’t end up booking anyway.
  • You’re tired of working so many hours to wrangle all these people and only make a $25 commission per person
  • How about the people that call you and want you to put a group together, after you do all the work they only have 4 people interested? (Don’t you hate that?)

I know it’s frustrating, and frankly, it makes you not want to deal with people anymore. People are so “wishy washy” and it seems like they don’t understand all the work you put into creating the perfect itinerary before anyone puts a single deposit down!

You feel like doing all that work is for nothing and I don’t blame you though. All the travel “gurus” talk about how the money is in the groups but no one can tell you specifically how to market and sell your groups. All you hear is “find a pied piper” and sell huge groups….that’s it. There’s no strategy, no profit goals, and ultimately, no money.

Now, Imagine if:

  • You could excite people into booking that group the minute you announce it.
  • You had group leaders that worked hard to get the number of bookings you need.
  • Making your profit goal with each group without having to book 100 people
  • You could actually travel with the group and enjoy it
  • You have an audience of raving clients that can’t wait for your next group to “drop”


Well, I'm here to get you off the struggle bus and help you sell these groups like hotcakes. There's a better way and I'm going to show you how.


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A live training (done over three sessions) that will take you from frustrated and broke to selling groups like a breeze and making tons of money along the way. I’ll walk you from establishing your group’s profit, to creating your marketing collateral and selling out your next group. 

I turned my business around and I know you can too!

This training will help you:

  • Create an audience of raving fans that are eager to book your next trip
  • Get people excited about giving you their credit card.
  • Setting up your groups landing pages that paints the picture and gets people ready to book
  • Motivate your pied papers into booking your group in full
  • How to use the current proven marketing tactics to easily sell your groups every single time

I’ll guide you through creating amazing groups no one can “price-shop”, setting your profit intention for each group, building your audience of raving clients so they are waiting for your next group to drop to book right away!

We’ll work on creating a story to sell each group, creating your landing page, how to set up a waitlist to gather interest and how to use the element of scarcity so your groups sell in 7 days or less.

All sessions are recorded and you’ll have unlimited access to them!

Brenda Llamas | Market Your Thing

Now if you don’t know me I owned a romance travel agency that launched to zero sales after the most upscale bridal show in town. I was embarrassed and 10k in debt, I had to go back to the drawing board and revamp my business. I created a system that allowed me to go from booking $750 honeymoons to 15k honeymoons on a CONSISTENT basis and making six-figures in the process. I started sharing my knowledge and experience with other agents and I am now a business and marketing strategist helping travel agents earn at least six-figures in profit. 

What they said...

“I want to thank Brenda for taking the time to call me and guide me through the frustrating issues I have encountered with my social media. Not only is she very knowledgeable on what works in today’s busy media lifestyle, she’s a true professional who loves what she provides. I’m grateful for all the great tips and ideas to help improve my website, and which social media would best work for my business model. If you have not had the opportunity to work with Brenda you are missing out.”

– Marieanne Syverson of Travel Planners Inc.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is the recorded version of this training, you can watch at your own pace. .

Travel Agents that sell groups with either a pied paper or they escort themselves. Also great for travel agents that want to sell more groups.

You don’t have to be tech savvy to learn and implement this system.

A payment plan is not available as this is a “retire” sale.

This is the self-study version with the recordings and will be retired. 

The live were recorded and you have unlimited access to them!