Engagements are long, they can be up to 24 months, and honeymoons should be booked 8-10 months before departure. How do you keep those leads engaged for up to 18 months?

Just the thought of you creating relevant content to keep these clients engaged makes you want to scream (kinda like when the cruise lines announced the new non-commissionable fees (NCFS) structure).

You want to nurture them.  You want to guide them.  You want to book that honeymoon

But you are frustrated at the daunting task of coming up with that amount of content. You are hoping for a strong wave season. You don’t want to take time from your family to sit there and work on content ideas. You have no desire to take weeks upon weeks to focus on the collateral you need to market so long. You want to book more luxury honeymoons but you just don’t know how to follow up that long to get a sale.

Imagine if...

…your posts are actually converting to bookings

…leads reply to your emails to thank you for all the information you are sharing with them

…leads are very engaged with you during the long process.

…your clients are a dream to work with because they learned from you throughout your nurturing journey

…your leads buy at the right time and with the right budget because you guided them along

Well, there’s a better way…

You could try and open a paper map, figure out where you are and where you need to be. Then you have to plot those landmarks on the map, calculate the distance and the best route. You can follow the map route or you can set your GPS and follow along.

Which one do you think will be more accurate?

Which one will tell you exactly at what time you’ll arrive?

You can’t afford to invest in a bridal show/event and not have a plan to market to those leads for that long. Staying top of mind and giving them amazing value are the reasons they’ll remember you and book their honeymoon with you.

You are the expert, you can design an amazing experience. You just need to communicate that in a consistent and compelling way otherwise you won’t see a single booking out of your investment and you cannot afford that. This is my system for staying in touch and trust me, it worked.

My receipts...


The Honeymoon Roadmap

The marketing workshop designed to convert your leads to bookings 2x as fast.

Here’s what this hands-on (yes, you’ll be doing the thing) workshop will cover:

What’s included in The Honeymoon Roadmap?


DM Introduction Script (Valued) $97 • Honeymoon Questionnaire Form (Valued) $127

Join the Honeymoon Roadmap for less than your last trip to Walmart (minus the TP stock up)

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What they said...

Hey, I'm Brenda...

After I launched my travel agency in early 2012 at the most upscale bridal show in town I walked away without a consultation or sale for that matter. 

I was embarrassed, felt lost and like I would never be able to accomplish the goals I had set for myself. After that initial show reality set in and realized that not every bride was my ideal client.

I went back to the drawing board and implemented a system that up-leveled my agency. The very first quote request after I implemented the system was for a honeymoon with a $7,000 budget. It worked!!!

Every quote request after that was for luxury honeymoons to exotic tropical destinations with a budget between 7-20k. I was finally getting the clients that I wanted to work with!

I want to share this system with you so you can save yourself the headaches, waste of money and time and enjoy your agency again, let’s go!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The training will be “Live” on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 3:00 pm ET.

Yes, it will be recorded and you will have access to it.

Please budget 3 hours plus as there will be time to answer questions.

Yes! You can apply this to any travel niche.

Not at this time, so far the only live session will be on January 20, 2021 at 3:00 pm ET

Every travel agent will benefit from this training but it especially helpful for new agents.

This training will save you tons of wasted time and money. 

You will walk away with a clear and actionable marketing plan for the year. You will know what to post and when. You will know what emails to send and you will know where to hang out so you can get more clients.

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