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The Honeymoon Roadmap | Marketing Workshop

Engagements are long, they can be up to 24 months, and honeymoons should be booked 8-10 months before departure. How do you keep those leads engaged for up to 18 months?

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Thursday, January 21st 2PM PT / 5PM ET

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Just the thought of you creating relevant content to keep these clients engaged makes you want to scream (kinda like when the cruise lines announced the new non-commissionable fees (ncfs) structure).   

  • You want to nurture them.
  • You want to guide them
  • You want to book that honeymoon

But you are frustrated at the daunting task of coming up with that amount of content. You are hoping for a strong wave season. You don’t want to take time from your family time to sit there and work on content ideas. You have no desire to take weeks upon weeks to focus on the collateral you need to market so long.

Imagine if…

…your posts are actually converting to bookings

…leads reply to your emails to thank you for all the information you are sharing with them

…leads are very engaged with you during the long process

…your clients are a dream to work with because they learned from you throughout your nurturing journey

…your leads buy at the right time and with the right budget because you guided them along


Well, there’s a better way…

You could try and plot the points on a map, decide the safest, quickest route, calculate the distance and follow the map


You can just set your GPS

Which one do you think will be more accurate?

Which one will tell you exactly at what time you’ll arrive?


The Honeymoon Roadmap

A marketing workshop designed to convert your leads to bookings 2x as fast.

The complete marketing roadmap to convert your leads to bookings twice as fast. This will help you become a PRO at marketing and booking luxury honeymoons.

Here’s what this hand-on (yes, you’ll be doing this thing) workshop will cover:

Here’s what’s included in The Honeymoon Roadmap:


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Tuesday, June 6th 11AM PT / 2PM ET

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