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Let me tell you a secret, service fees keep your business afloat. When it seemed like the world and the commissions stopped the only agents still getting paid were those that charged a fee. While you may feel like your clients will balk if you ask them for a service fee I promise they won’t. Let me show you how to have a conversation that can make it nearly impossible to get anyone to refuse to pay for your services.

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Here's what you'll learn:

Picture this:

  • Back in March 2020 a global crisis hit and every plane was grounded, country borders closed and everyone was stuck at home.


  • You lost an entire year’s worth of work in a week, in many cases over six figures in commissions STOPPED.


  • A YEAR of work down the drain while your bank account is on the struggle bus.

The frustration of working so hard to see everything go up in flames is devastating. No one is traveling and your business expenses are still the same. The CRM, email marketing, booking systems, website hosts, association fees, insurance people all want their money, on time.

The secret to keeping my travel agency afloat was service fees. It didn’t matter if my month looked like feast or famine I always had my business and living expenses covered because I charged fees.

Now, I understand the subject of fees can be super scary. There’s so much misinformation and regulations placed on independent travel agents by their host agencies (mostly due to their own SOT status). Bottom line is, service fees keep you business profitable. 

You DESERVE to be paid for your work! 

If you don’t charge fees for your hard work you will become resentful of clients that abuse your time and you may even become resentful of the entire industry!

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