I’m Brenda, a Soldier turned Travel Agent turned Marketing Consultant.

I work with female entrepreneurs who feel lost when it comes to finding their ideal clients and putting their name “out there” in order to get more sales. I’ve been running my business for four years and I’ve served or taught over 1,200 people to date.

Not too long ago I owned a travel agency and went from being in a whole due to not having a marketing strategy. After launching  at the most expensive bridal show in town I was in the red and did not make one sale. I went back to the drawing board, learned all I could and started making big marketing changes. After a year my business flourished and I started getting the ideal clients I had been looking for. Once the system worked for me I started sharing it with other travel agents and here I am, helping you through your marketing obstacles. 

Helping people get clear on their marketing strategy, makes me so proud and drives everything I do. If you’re looking for help creating a marketing strategy, I’d love to work with you!

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i believe:

1-The Right Marketing Message Will Do The Work For You 

Do you ever spin your wheels trying to create content that is interesting, provides value to your audience and engages them? Without the right marketing message you will sit and stare at the screen every single time you need to write something. Your clients need to identify themselves with you and how you can help them with their struggles. Once you develop the right marketing message you will never sit and wonder again what to write, whether you’re developing a direct mail campaign, newsletters or social media you will always know what to communicate to your clients.

2-Marketing Is Fun When You Have The Right Tools And Guidance

Marketing is often seen with dread but it’s because most people are not sure what to do. Once you develop your brand and marketing message you will be thrilled to see how your leads will turn into the RIGHT kind of leads. You will have so much fun as you see how the system works and how by staying consistent you will develop the business you dream of. Your less that ideal leads will become much more scarce and your dream leads will start contacting you for the right trips with the right budget. You will love seeing the possibilities of having the business you always dreamed of.

3-Your Business Fuels Your Life Not The Other Way Around.

You became an entrepreneur for a reason, you wanted the flexibility of owning your own business. You wanted to do the things you love on your own schedule. Somewhere down the line you got very busy with the type of clients you dread hearing from. You know the ones, the ones with unrealistic expectations of their budget and your services. The ones that don’t value your expertise and advice and want to dictate how you do your work. Now you dread their phone calls and you hate picking up the phone anymore.

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Get more sales, stop wasting your time doing “all the things” and have the business you always dreamed of.

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What they said...

  • I have been putting off doing the Glass Slipper Client for months. I just spent a total of 15 minutes on it. The words ideas and thoughts just poured onto the page! Oddly enough the answers were not what I was expecting them to be. I even have several notes in the margins with ideas for blog posts! Thank you so much!

    – Jeanne Morris of JMorris Travel
  • I want to thank Brenda for taking the time to call me and guide me through the frustrating issues I have encountered with my social media. Not only is she very knowledgeable on what works in today’s busy media lifestyle, she’s a true professional who loves what she provides. I’m grateful for all the great tips and ideas to help improve my website, and which social media would best work for my business model. If you have not had the opportunity to work with Brenda you are missing out.

    – Marieanne Syverson of Travel Planners Inc.
  • I’m working on my next year’s plans and decided to have a planning session with Brenda. I have to tell you that it was the best time I’ve spent in a long while. She saw things I hadn’t considered. We narrowed my focus and got really specific. We walked through the marketing and the message it should communicate. We discussed the website and what it should look like and most importantly who the audience was. No question that I have work to do. Thank you Brenda! Simply brilliant!

    – Margie Jordan of Jordan Executive Travel Service
  • After so many years, her glass slipper worksheet finally allowed me to create an avatar of my ideal client. Talked to a copywriter for the new website and she complimented on how clear I was about my ideal client. Thank you ma!

    – Will Medina of Destination Weddings Expert
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