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How To Come Up With Content For The Year In An Hour

Have you ever sat down to write a blog post and end up staring at the screen for hours on end? I know that feeling all too well, The lack of guidance turns into paralyzing fear and nothing gets written for a while. That’s how our blogs end up not being updated in months which is not good at all. If you publish useful and compelling content your loyal audience often feels left out when they don’t hear from you and they don’t know why.

To keep that from happening, here are a few tips to make it easier for you to Come Up With Content For The Year In An Hour. 

Step: 1 Make a list of the most frequently asked questions you receive from your clients.

Step 2: Make a few columns with the top questions. For example, most clients have questions about budget, travel time, destinations and travel requirements.

Step 3: Under each column do a “brain dump” of every single issue you can address under that subject.

For example: Under budget, you can address: How to save for your honeymoon, how to set up a honeymoon registry, Payment plans, Insurance value, etc.

Before you know if you will have tons of ideas under each column. If you have 5 columns you only need 10 ideas under each column to have enough content for a year. 

Another strategy is to promote a product or service every month, you can write a blog post at least twice a month about that destination or product.

Finally, you can also have a set editorial calendar. You can designate a day of the week to write about “Getting there” or new hotels opening soon. You can also do a weekly column of things to do and activities for a different destination.

By having a set editorial calendar with a theme your writing will be much more focused and you will be able to “batch” as many blog posts as you can. If you can keep 3 months of content already written and scheduled to be posted you will be well ahead of everyone else.

Which method do you like the best? Do you have a different method to create content?

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