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Welcome to the Pre-Sell Queendom

brenda llamas

I'm Brenda The Queen Of Pre-Sell Launches

I help female coaches and consultants create marketing strategies that allow them to sell out their “thing” in 7 days or less. Launching doesn’t require 2,537 steps and offering your firstborn to the launch Gods in order to sell out. With the right strategy and my FLIP Launch Method™, it gets to be fun, easy, and more importantly-profitable.

brenda llamas

Hey, I'm Brenda

I work with fierce female coaches and consultants  that want to go against the grain and sell out their launch in 7 days or less. I have been in business for over 10 years, first as a travel agency owner and now as a marketing coach.

Want Feel Good Marketing That Sells Your Thing?

If you’re a female coach, consultant or entrepreneur and need a marketing plan that feels good to your soul, gets the right eyeballs on it and make people hand over their credit card fast-I can help you.

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