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I help female entrepreneurs get their "thing" sold out so they can work smarter, not harder and go back to living the life they always dreamed of.

Q. What does a marketing strategist do and why do I need one?

A. I’m glad you asked! Imagine being invited to an after party of an awards ceremony in town. There are over 30 parties in town so you wear the sexiest LBD you own along with the “baddest” heels in your closet. Your friends told you there would be plenty of handsome single men (mostly doctors btw). Once you show up you realize it is a costume party with mostly “too old to be acting like frat boys” men. You quickly realize you are wearing the wrong outfit to a party with people you have nothing in common with.

Well, that’s what not having a marketing strategy feels like. By having a custom marketing strategy not only will you know which party is going to be the right one for you but you will show up wearing the best outfit and meet amazing people you can relate too and find interesting. When we work together we take a look at your business, what have you done to gather your sales so far, what you have planned and your goals. We create a marketing plan and we work on where to show up and what to say.

Q. Why do I need help?

A. You know you need help! You keep telling yourself that you know exactly what to do because you’ve watched 127 YouTube videos on how to create a marketing plan but you have not been able to implement any of those “tips”. You probably launched your business, sent a few products to a few “influencers” and now you’re wondering, “what’s next”, well, you need a plan. If you fail to plan, plan to fail! Stop playing and HIRE me!

Q. Why do you do this?

A. I’m an entrepreneurship nerd. I love talking business and finding out you’re your unique thing is. We can all sell the same thing but what makes you different? Talking with you resolving your marketing issues lights me up, I live for the Aha! Moments my clients get on the phone or the “damn you’re good” comments (not bragging here but I get them EVERY.TIME)

If you’re ready to take your business seriously so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed off go ahead and schedule your session and let’s get it!

Marketing Plan Design

If you fail to plan, plan to fail...

30 Day Marketing Strategy Design

This is a 30-day high touch strategy program in which we get clear about your business, goals and create a roadmap to get you there.

It includes:

We work together to address your business goals. We uncover your ideal client and we get to know them like you know your baby brother. We’ll know what stresses them and how you can help them overcome those struggles. When they find you they will instantly know you are the right (or not) fit for them and that will save you so much time.

After we get clarity on “who” your ideal client is we will focus on where they “hang out”. You will save time by focusing on the right channels instead of trying to be everywhere and do everything.

How will I do this? We get on the phone; we talk it out to understand every aspect of your business and your goals. We discuss your business evolution, brand story and your client’s challenges. We talk about what is not working for you and why. We will meet bi-weekly so we can go over implementation, your numbers and the success of your new strategy.

Imagine being able to:

Imagine no more! You WILL be able to do everything on that list and more. You will have so much clarity you will know exactly how to get people to buy after every new product you launch. Reserve your spot below!

Half Day Marketing Mastery Intensive

An intense funnel building process

Half Day Funnel Building Intensive​

You’re in launch mode and you can’t figure out what to do next and time is against you. You don’t have 30 days because you need to get your thing sold ASAP you need my half day intensive.

We get on the phone, we talk it out for as long as we must to understand every aspect of your business and your goals. We get clear on who you serve, what they need and how your “thing” will help them.  We develop the business strategies we’ll be implementing right away and we get to work. 

We discuss your business evolution, brand story and your client’s challenges. We talk about what is not working for you and why. Then we create strategic solutions and develop a funnel strategy that will help you reach your goals, all in just a few hours.

Warning: This is not a done for you product, you must be serious about working on your business and be able to follow through with the plan.

What’s you will walk away with:

The half day intensive is limited to 5 people due to the personalized service you will receive. 

Next Intensive: Thursday, February 11th, 2021.

Investment: $497

*(Available on location for an additional travel fee)

Read more kind words from clients

  • I have been putting off doing the Glass Slipper Client for months. I just spent a total of 15 minutes on it. The words ideas and thoughts just poured onto the page! Oddly enough the answers were not what I was expecting them to be. I even have several notes in the margins with ideas for blog posts! Thank you so much!

    – Jeanne Morris of JMorris Travel
  • I want to thank Brenda for taking the time to call me and guide me through the frustrating issues I have encountered with my social media. Not only is she very knowledgeable on what works in today’s busy media lifestyle, she’s a true professional who loves what she provides. I’m grateful for all the great tips and ideas to help improve my website, and which social media would best work for my business model. If you have not had the opportunity to work with Brenda you are missing out.

    – Marieanne Syverson of Travel Planners Inc.
  • I’m working on my next year’s plans and decided to have a planning session with Brenda. I have to tell you that it was the best time I’ve spent in a long while. She saw things I hadn’t considered. We narrowed my focus and got really specific. We walked through the marketing and the message it should communicate. We discussed the website and what it should look like and most importantly who the audience was. No question that I have work to do. Thank you Brenda! Simply brilliant!

    – Margie Jordan of Jordan Executive Travel Service
  • After so many years, her glass slipper worksheet finally allowed me to create an avatar of my ideal client. Talked to a copywriter for the new website and she complimented on how clear I was about my ideal client. Thank you ma!

    – Will Medina of Destination Weddings Expert

How Does It Work?

1. Step One

Press the let’s chat button and schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with me.

2. Step Two

We’ll discuss which product is better for you and solves your issues the quickest.

3. Step Three

We’ll take care of the paperwork (invoice and agreement) and we set up your call.

How much is it costing you to not be getting the type of business you want?

Let’s get started today!

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