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    I'm Brenda, a Marketing Plans Designer for female entrepreneurs

    Welcome to Market Your Thing, the #1 resource for female entrepreneurs who want to develop the right marketing strategies to become profitable quickly. I help you do the “boring” work so you can have fun selling your “thing”. If your potential clients have stopped “showing up”, you need to contact me. I can help you figure how to find them so you can go back to doing what you love.

    A custom marketing plan can be the difference between getting seen by your ideal clients or not at all. Let me help you get rid of the overwhelm and confusion. Let me help you get back on track so you can make more money.


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    Spending hours staring at the computer screen wondering what to post next? Let me help you take control of your marketing and your business.

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    Read more kind words from clients

    • I have been putting off doing the Glass Slipper Client for months. I just spent a total of 15 minutes on it. The words ideas and thoughts just poured onto the page! Oddly enough the answers were not what I was expecting them to be. I even have several notes in the margins with ideas for blog posts! Thank you so much!

      – Jeanne Morris of JMorris Travel
    • I want to thank Brenda for taking the time to call me and guide me through the frustrating issues I have encountered with my social media. Not only is she very knowledgeable on what works in today’s busy media lifestyle, she’s a true professional who loves what she provides. I’m grateful for all the great tips and ideas to help improve my website, and which social media would best work for my business model. If you have not had the opportunity to work with Brenda you are missing out.

      – Marieanne Syverson of Travel Planners Inc.
    • I’m working on my next year’s plans and decided to have a planning session with Brenda. I have to tell you that it was the best time I’ve spent in a long while. She saw things I hadn’t considered. We narrowed my focus and got really specific. We walked through the marketing and the message it should communicate. We discussed the website and what it should look like and most importantly who the audience was. No question that I have work to do. Thank you Brenda! Simply brilliant!

      – Margie Jordan of Jordan Executive Travel Service
    • After so many years, her glass slipper worksheet finally allowed me to create an avatar of my ideal client. Talked to a copywriter for the new website and she complimented on how clear I was about my ideal client. Thank you ma!

      – Will Medina of Destination Weddings Expert

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